Nesta United Transporters CRM

Nesta United Transporters CRM

Nesta United Transporters is a leading cargo delivery company in Kenya, serving clients across the country with reliable and efficient services. They approached us with a challenge of managing their operations, which involved multiple offices, vehicles, staff and customers. They wanted a solution that would help them streamline their workflow and improve their performance.

We designed and developed a custom CRM system for them, tailored to their specific needs and requirements. The CRM system enables them to handle various aspects of their business, such as:

  • Parcel booking: Site clerks can book parcels into the CRM using their smartphone. Customers are sent instant confirmation and tracking details via SMS.
  • Invoice generation: The system automatically generates invoices for each booking, and sends them to the customers via email or SMS.
  • Payment receipts: The system records and verifies payments made by the customers, either through cash or MPESA.
  • Customer details management: The system stores and updates the contact information and preferences of each customer, and allows the staff to communicate with them easily.
  • Cargo loading and offloading: The system assigns and schedules the loading and offloading of cargo at different terminals, and ensures that the right cargo is delivered to the right destination.
  • Dispatch and collection by the recipient: The system notifies the recipients when their parcels are ready for collection, and verifies their identity and signature before handing over the parcels.
  • Reporting and analytics: The system generates and displays various reports and insights on the performance and profitability of the business, such as revenue, expenses, customer satisfaction, etc.

We also developed a mobile app for the CRM system, which allows the site clerks to access the system from anywhere using their smartphones. The mobile app also enables them to print tickets using a thermal printer connected via Bluetooth.

The new CRM system has transformed the operations of Nesta United Transporters, making them more efficient, effective and secure. They have been able to serve more customers, increase their revenue and cash collections, reduce their costs and risks, and enhance their customer loyalty and satisfaction. They are very happy with the outcome of our collaboration, and we are proud to be their trusted partner in digital innovation.