Our design team gives you real estate dedicated features that you don't get with any other development team. This is in addition to the great features that you find our other websites. Some of the functional features that you find on our real estate websites include:

  • Property Management System - this enables you to manage all the property details on your website, allowing you to manage such features as price, category, payment terms, features, Google Maps, availability status, etc. For each property, the system allows you to customize the specific details of a unit.
  • Separate Page for each property - having each property on a separate website makes it easy to share the property on social media and boosts its chances of being listed on search engine results page.
  • User Profile - all your clients get a user profile on your website. Using the profile, the client can give vacation notices and get notified on the property details.
  • Property Wish List - our websites allow visitors to add properties to their wishlist. They are then notified automatically when the property becomes available. 
  • Newsletter Subscriptions - Your visitors can sign up for newsletters from your website. In the content management system is a newsletter builder platform that allows you to design and send newsletters.