Tonisoft Parcel Delivery System is build to help cargo and courier service companies operate smoothly and efficiently. Our system automates the parcel delivery process all the way from booking, printing tickets, dispatching and offloading until the parcel is delivered to the desired recipient. The system comes with an Android Mobile application for parcel booking, dispatch, offloading and issuing. To minimize the paperwork, the app can print parcel booking ticket connected via Bluetooth which is also less costly.

The system is also integrated with M-PESA Paybill to facilitate payment collection. To minimize headaches, the app sends an SMS to the appointed recipient once a parcel is booked and as soon it is offloaded at the drop-off point. 

Some of the functions a user will find in our system include:

  • Parcel booking, dispatch, loading, offloading & issuing. With the mobile app, each parcel status is on your finger tips.
  • Payment collection. Each parcel has a unique invoice which makes payment collection and tracking easy. With MPESA integration, you can get paid easily by initiating STK Push from the app.
  • Print receipts with a thermal printer any time.
  • Download parcel ticket from the mobile app in PDF format.
  • Generate, download/print delivery and loading sheets for any waybill.
  • Send automated SMS messages to the parcel owners when the parcel is booked and when it is successfully delivered to the collection station.
  • Manage your client details.
  • Manage routes, branches and stations.
  • Vehicle management.
  • Generate parcel delivery and collection reports.
  • Create and print customer invoices. Invoices can also be sent digitally to the client via email.
  • Create and print payment receipts.
  • Generate customer statements.
  • Generate sales reports.
  • Expense management to help you keep track of all company expenses.
  • Send bulk SMS & Emails to clients.
  • Employee management.