TONISOFT Church Management Software is a web-based church management system developed to help pastors and their congregations interact better. It provides a complete set of cutting edge technology tools for member management, contribution collection and tracking, online payments, event registration, attendance tracking, group and ministry participation tracking, announcements, sermons, group management, volunteer management and many other functions that are critical in the day-to-day administration and operations of a church.

The system comes with a mobile application for members. Using the mobile app, new members can register as members. Existing members can make payments and contributions, view their contribution statements, request to join church groups and ministries, register themselves, family members and visitors for services and events, check in for services using QR code scanner, book appointments, post prayer requests, make and redeem pledges, get church announcements, devotionals and sermons. Members with leadership roles can manage group and ministry membership and details, assign and manage ministry member task during events and services and post meeting attendance reports.

Church leaders can get timely reports on active membership, demography, baptism, monthly group and ministry attendance reports, check-ins, contributions and many more.


  • Manage member's personal details (first name, middle name, surname, gender, date of birth, salvation status, baptism status, phone, email, education level, occupation, membership status, photos.
  • Member relationships.
  • Member contacts.
  • Member residence.
  • Member birthday and wedding anniversary messages and notifications.
  • Church demographic reports on age, gender, marital status.
  • Reports on members' baptism and salvation status.
  • Monthly reports on new members joining/leaving the church.
  • Record visitor details: names, contacts, email, residence, interests and comments.
  • Monthly reports on visitors coming to church.
  • Visitor interest reports.
  • Record all visits by members and visitors: purpose, notes, whom to see, room.
  • Capture and keep track of prospective members from visitors records journey from visitors to full membership.
  • Create and manage appointment: date, member/visitor, purpose, whom to see, status, notes.
  • Receive and respond to appointments.
  • Create and manage consultations: member/visitor, description, assign to, priority, due date, files and documents
  • Consultation reports
Soul Winning
  • Manage new believers.
  • Give monthly reports on new believers.
  • File follow-up reports.
  • Follow-up reminders.
Events & Activities
  • Event title, description, start, end, frequency, hall capacity, charges, registration deadline, church service, allow registration, show on calendar, ministries involved, event location, image.
  • Create giving purpose for paid events.
  • Event registrations - register and allow members to register from the mobile app.
  • Manage event attendance.
  • Event attendance reports.
  • Event registration/cancellation confirmations.
  • Maintain attendance registers for events, services and other activities.
  • Get monthly attendance reports for church services and other activities.
Task Manager & Diary
  • Create and assign tasks to staff members
  • Update and check task completion status
  • Get staff task completion reports
  • Create and manage staff diaries
  • Set task/event reminders
Mass Communication
  • Send bulk SMS
  • Send emails.
  • Create and manage mailing groups.
  • Schedule SMS messages
  • Members can access past and live services from the mobile app.
  • Administrators can post announcements to the church website and the app.
  • Members can view announcements on the app.
  • Administrators can publish church bulletins to the church website and mobile app.
  • Members can view bulletins on the mobile app.
  • Administrators can post devotional articles to the church website and mobile app.
  • Members can access devotionals from the mobile app.
Mobile App
  • Allow member registration
  • Allow members to update their profiles
  • Allow members to manage their relationship details with other members.
  • Service and event registration.
  • Online giving (integrated with M-PESA online checkout) with instant payment notifications via SMS.
  • Payment for events and activities.
  • Members giving statements.
  • Allow members to book appointments.
  • Manage member appointments.
  • Allow members to make prayer requests.
  • Members can view responses/comments to prayer requests.
  • Allow members to join home cells and other groups.
  • Group leaders can post meeting attendance reports.
  • Group members can view meeting reports.
  • Group members can view contact details of other members within the same group.
  • Members can request to join a ministry.
  • Ministry leaders can post meeting attendance reports.
  • Members can view ministry diary and register to volunteer in ministry events.
  • Ministry leaders can approve/reject volunteer requests.
  • Members can view the church calendar